Stokkøya Sjøsenter SjøChinese lanterns at sunset

It takes a lot of guts to stand out from the crowd..

Heaven on a beach

.... This summer we visited a place which has had the guts to break away from the tried and tested formula and try something new.  Norway has plenty of beautiful, traditional style hotels and holiday places, up and down the coastline and into the fjords, but Stokkøya Sjøsenteret has had the vision and foresight to do something different. Their philosophy is built around nature, architecture, food, experiences and their interaction with each other. The Strandbar, down on the beach, is the centre of the action - and the night we were there - something extra special was going down. The team of chefs from Kampen Bistro in Oslo were making a guest appearance in the kitchen and musical entertainment came in the form of a short accoustic set by Einar Stokke Fadnes from the band Jim Stärk.  As the sun set, founder Roar Svenning, launched chinese lanterns over the sea and we dreamt we were 10 years younger and back in Thailand.